Los Más Turbados

From 1996:

Fernando Garcia Verdugo: Vocals / Songwriter
David Cantalejo: Bass
Ruben Rodriguez: Drums
Miguel Fuentes: Guitar

Los Más Turbados, which is a double-entendre meaning ‘The Most Disturbed’ and ‘The Masturbated’ is a bi-lingual group from Oviedo, Spain which is located in the region known as Asturias.

This group’s teen angst and adolescent sexual frustration fuels a powerful mix of bi-lingual Punk-Pop.  The Music of Los Más Turbados is extremely accessible with the potential for massive mainstream acceptance while still maintaining a unique intensity which will maintain their credibility on the street.

The subject matter of the band’s songs are universal themes of youth…growing up; lots and lots of ‘love problems’ and the realization that becoming an adult with a job and all that shit isn’t as great  as had been imagined.  It dishes out just enough introspection to make you think about your problems and just enough hooks and power to make you forget them.

Recuerdos De Lactancia,” is the band’s third release and first for Grita!.  It features 14 bilingual (English & Spanish) songs and is  scheduled for release on September 10, 1996. Literally translated, “Recuerdos De Lactancia” means “Memories Of  breast-feeding.”  Freud would be proud.  The Euro-faves ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Adiós A La Inocencia’ were also available on a limited edition, colored vinyl single – currently  Top 20 on Spain’s “Radio Nacional de España.”

The band formed in 1991 and released it’s first single, a 4-song 7”vinyl disc, in 1992 on the El Cohete label.  Although it achieved little commercial success, it serve as a perfect showcase for the budding song-writing talent of Fernando G. Verdugo.

The band’s next release was a full CD titled “Electroshock” which was released in 1994 by another small Spanish label, Waco.  Again, while not a smash hit, Mr. Verdugo’s song-writing skill was further refined and the band’s reputation and popularity continued to grow in their home region of Asturias.

In early, 1995, the band performed a showcase at the Festimad music festival in Madrid, where, Grita! owner, Jay Ziskrout was blown away by the band’s performance and Fernando’s songs, and immediately signed them to an international record deal.  Thus began the long process of recording a killer album.  Under the in-studio direction of the famous producer, Ryan Greene (NOFX), and the mixing genius of Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, etc.), Los Más Turbados has recorded not only the best album of their career, but an album that is likely to bring the group to a world audience.

The band is currently touring Europe.  Grita! provides English and Spanish language translations of all songs from all groups to anyone interested in receiving them.